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 Topic: Latest Ural model   
  Conf: Classifieds: Buy, Sell & Trade 
 From: Ural Oz 
 Date:  Monday, October 16, 2000 06:14 AM 

Here is a pic of the latest Ural developed 
for the Ministry of Emergency Measures of 
Russia (Civil Defence Org.). Based on the 
"Solo - Klassik". Designed to "provide fast 
delivery to a place of an extreme situation 
for two rescuers and the universal 
equipment which will allow them to carry 
out radiation, chemical, fire and 
engineering investigation." 
"The first 40-50 motorcycles will go to 
capital city rescuers. In the long term 
such machines will equip all regional 
centres of the Ministry of Emergency 
Measures of Russia."