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From:  Sam Baker (
 Date:   Monday, September 04, 2000 09:02 PM

Ok, now the story;
It was last Saturday afternoon, there was a bike rally at a local watering hole.
Mostly Harleys. It was the bikers for kids promotion. I drove up in my Deco and entered the
contest. (Cost 15.00 to the charity) Hung around for a couple of hours. By the way one judge
gave me a "9" but predictably the Harleys won in all categories (Dresser, Custom, Stock, Rat).
After the judging a local promoter came up to me and explained he was doing a photo shoot
the next morning, and could I bring the bike over for a prop. No mention of the "accessories" to
be used. I said sure and showed up at 9:00am for the photo shoot. The promoter showed up
with the bevy of beauties and began to shoot. I might add that there was a couple of custom
Hot Rods, A 1948 Indian, (can be seen in the background) and my Deco. I ran and got a cheap
box camera and shot over his shoulder. I used up the whole roll!!!! It was a Sunday to

Also, thanks to Brian Foley at Diamond Jim's, my dealer, for the Ural Hat, without which I could
not have posted some of the pictures. And, yes, that is me with my bike!

Flyin' My Ural Deco 2000
Flyin' My Hobie Cat H18
Click on photo for larger view!