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  My Name is Bill Woodland, I am 29y/o and i live in Tampa Florida, I own a 
1995 Ural sportsman and a 2001 H-D electra-glide....I purchased my Ural
   (used) from euro cycles in clearwater florida, and I am very happy with it and 
dont regret the purchase for a moment.  the added bonus to ownership is
   the extended "family" that exists via the web....its like have 50 crazy uncles 
who answer questions on every thing from fouled plugs to how much air
   pressure....along with a decent local dealer and a very convienient mail 
order shop (Wagners)....i havent had much problem getting parts and ive
   handled most repairs myself.....the Ural has proved to be a hobby as much 
as a vehicle...I really dig it!!! and the things it doesnt do well my new
   Harley does great!!!  I have the best of both worlds.... 

   Bill "CHILIDOG" Woodland 
   Tampa Florida   (81f today)