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From: chilidog 
 Date: Monday, December 11, 2000 05:03 AM 

Well I cant help any on the snow thing, but i am considering trailering mine north to try snow
riding....I purchased my 95 sporty several months ago and have no regrets, I think at $10k
they arent gonna move lots of new ones....I paid $3700 and everyone (including Felicia) says it
was a good thing i want to upgrade is the charging system to run more lights, but
the kick start is a dream, it is VERY easy to kick and unless physically challenged i would say
any size person can easily start for limitations I just purchased a 2001 H-D electraglide
for those times when I I want to go highway speeds, the sportsman is geared low to take
those hills and snow, but I have only gotten it to about 65 and usually dont go over
50-55....and the traffic around here travels very fast even on secondary roads and the "cage"
drivers are not bike friendly....all in all i love my low buck sporty AND my new hog, I say get
the used one....have fun!!! we were riding in t-shirts and shorts yesterday!!! (please no safety

tampa florida
1995 sportsman
2001 HD electraglide